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How to Fight a Red Light Ticket in Virginia

Are you looking for an experienced traffic court lawyer to help you fight a red light ticket in Virginia?

Choosing a skilled lawyer can increase your chance of avoiding penalties and fines, so you need to make sure that you have representation you can trust.

The traffic ticket lawyers at Irving & Irving represent drivers in Fairfax, Manassas, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Roanoke and cities throughout the Northern Virginia area.

We have successfully handled a number of cases involving a wide array of charges, and now we can provide legal help for you.

Whether you received your ticket from an officer or a red light camera, keep reading for valuable information that may be able to help you keep your driving record clean.

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Avoiding the Penalty

Everybody makes mistakes, but you shouldn’t have to pay the price for somebody else’s error. Tickets from red light cameras aren’t always accurate, and even patrolling officers can make a mistake.

Otherwise, being charged with failure to obey a traffic signal in Virginia can result in:

  • a fine up to $350
  • demerit points
  • suspension of your license
  • an increase in insurance premiums

Running a red light may seem like a minor offense, but it can end up costing you your driving privileges. Points build up quickly, but you can contest your ticket to avoid paying the penalty for a mistake that you may not have made.

If you have been charged with a red light violation, whether you are guilty or not, contesting the infraction and maintaining your driving record is often in your best interest.

If you need help establishing an effective plan for how to fight a red light ticket in Virginia, speaking with a knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help you get out of a penalty, or at least minimize the result of the infraction.

Contesting Your Ticket

Regardless of guilt, you can fight a red light ticket in Virginia to increase the chances of your driving record staying clean and avoid an excessive fine.

To do this, you can either go to traffic court alone or you can enlist the services of a seasoned traffic ticket lawyer.

Some individuals find success standing alone in the courtroom. However, if you do not have any legal experience, a dedicated traffic court lawyer may be able to save you time and headache while also reducing the risk of points being added to your license.

Having a lawyer on your side provides you with the advantage of skilled representation that can combat your charge with a thorough understanding of the law. A traffic violation lawyer will already know how to fight a red light ticket in Virginia and may be able to begin the process of reducing the infraction right away.

Don’t let yourself become a victim of the justice system. You may be able to stay behind the wheel with the help of an accomplished traffic ticket lawyer on your side. They will dissect your driving record and investigate the infraction to understand how to beat your red light ticket.

Irving & Irving: Representation You Can Trust Today

If you find yourself in danger of losing your license, get the representation you need to fight a red light ticket and stay on the road.

The attorneys at Irving & Irving have a proven track record of success in the courtroom and have been aggressively defending the interests of clients for over three decades.

We will take the time to listen to your needs and give your case the attention it deserves. Don’t let an accident take away the freedom of the open road!

Call us right now at 703-468-1885 or can contact us by email at to get in touch with traffic court lawyers who may be able to keep you behind the driver’s seat.

We have provide a wide-range of legal representation for individuals all over the Northern Virginia area. Our main areas of service include Fairfax, Manassas, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Roanoke.

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